Salem Bahroun is an emerging young artist based in Tripoli, a student at the institute of fine art, Bahroun works with digital art, where he addresses through his works a dark perspectives in different characters and personalities, he tends to describe and repeatedly draw his own portrait of struggles, Bahroun is using this method as a tool of communication with the outside world, to overcome his difficulties with hearing and speaking.

"Eternity" is the exhibition title that features three collections of his latest works made between 2017 and 2018. The spaces were divided into three stations, where WaraQ Art Foundation continued it's mission to occupy public spaces with art, under the theme of 'The city is our gallery' The first collection includes ten portraits pieces exhibited under the Arch of Marcus. "Minds of hypocrites" collection was displayed hanging from the alley ceiling to encourage the audience to look further than usual while seeking for Bahroun's purposes of his art practices. The last alley included a collection of eight artworks.

Curator: Tewa Barnosa