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WaraQ is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to support the contemporary Libyan art scene locally and in the diaspora, Through encouraging socio-critical dialogue between artists and audiences. 

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Kashkoul of collective resistance // Open call for artists Phase 2 // Deadline 01 July 2020

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Launching A Virtual Space

اطلاقْ الفضَـــــاء الإفْترَاضِــــــي

We believe that the virtual space is also a public space, Which lead us to launch our online exhibition platform, to navigate the role of digitalization in times of isolation, conflict and political divisions that urges our needs for a dialogue.
The virtual space will be community-led and will present community curated exhibitions. See More


// OPEN CALL FOR LIBYANS!  // دعْـــــــوَة  لليبِيّيـــــــــــــــــــنْ 

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Value of Art in social fabric!?

We’re part of Reshape trajectory that works on reshaping the value of art in social fabric, a program that gathers professionals from the arts and culture sector from across Europe and the south Mediterranean.
During our recent meeting in Gent, Belgium, We used the card game (reframing the international) which was designed by Flanders institute to help cultural actors prototype their projects, identify threats and propose a process of knowledge sharing and thinking collectively and critically.

We theoretically played the game to conceptualize a project idea of an art installation that would be put in one of Tripoli’s main streets, where citizens have the freedom to ask questions to the city and interact with it.
Now we want you to collectively think with us; If Tripoli was a person in front of you, What would be your question?

Send your thoughts to Info@waraq.de

February 2020


January 2020

In January, we were at MACAAL (Musuem of contemporary African Art) in Marrakech for the Intensive bootcamp gathering twenty cultural producers from North, West, East and South of the continent, where a program of lectures, seminars, talks, exhibition tours and mentorship sessions took place for four days. 

ابتدأنا شهر يناير في ماكال (متحف الفن الأفريقي المعاصر) في مراكش لحضور المعسكر التدريبي المكثف الذي جمع عشرين منتجًا ثقافيًا من شمال وغرب وشرق وجنوب القارة الأفريقية، حيث شاركنا في برنامج من المحاضرات والندوات، محادثات وجولات المعارض لمدة أربعة أيام متتالية من آجل التشبيك بين الفاعلين في المنطقة وخلق فرص للتعاون المحتمل.

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