Open Call // 03.03 - 20.03.2021

“Quicksand is a mixture of sand and water, which appears solid, but turns into moving and unstable when exposed to any impact, and ordinary sand accumulates its grains, forming a solid mass, The sand collapses or will be moving whenever it is exposed to external forces such as loading on it or passing heavy vehicles and external forces” 

If we think critically and metaphorically that Libya’s current land-scape(s) and parallel, different realities are shifting as quicksand, taking into mind the rapidly changing factors on the ground from civil war, proxy war, social segregation between regions, even post-colonial traumas inherited from a generation to another, and other factors of threats, uncertainty, and instability, we then end up as a society drowning deeper and deeper, which temporarily blind us and limit us to oversee the reality we are in and navigate alternative ways of how to survive and strengthen the bonds of the social fabric.

While ten years passed since the revolution of 2011, “Shifting Sands” project facilitates a dialogue about the current and past critical and inhuman events, conditions within the Libyan context, it proposes a space of refection on the role of Arts, Activism and Academia in relation to the political and social landscape(s) of Libya. 

WaraQ and FES will commission four participants whose works create a dialogue between the borders of different artistic disciplines and diverse backgrounds and cultural experiences. Each artrist will recieve an artist fee of 450 euros, and will be working during 4 to 6 weeks to realize their ideas and concepts with the supports of weekly collective sessions.

نموذج التقدم