In 1975, Muammer Ghaddafi writes The Green Book, where he rages against liberal democracy and capitalism, proposing instead, his Third Universal Theory: a system of people’s committees.
Libyan children spent two hours a week studying the book as part of their curriculum. Excerpts were broadcasted every day on television and radio. Its slogans were also found on billboards and painted on buildings in Libya.

The green book contains three main chapters, (Social, Political, Economical) When theories of the book turned into practice, it contributed to creating a chaotic situation in the country which as a result lead to an isolated society with extreme damage in its own structure.
The exhibition highlights the socio-political influence of the book, written to be a solution for democracy as claimed, and how it caused deep damage in the social fabric of the country.

The first tour of the exhibition took place at Le Cube independent art room in Rabat, Morocco as part of Travelling Narratives residency program in February 2019, Where five emerging artists were selected through an open call announcement, Malak ElGuel, Suhaib Tantoush, Rawand Elharess, Sarri Elfitouri, Ibrahim OmarAlmokhtar, presented a selection of video art, architectural collages, and caricature.

Mark ْالكتَـــــابْ الأخضر