Warning group exhibition came as a response to the extreme violation of human rights in Libya, where several issues where discussed through a multidisciplinary display of fifteen emerging artists who are based between Tripoli and Benghazi.

Through installations, mixed media, video, sound art, digital art and paintings, those group of artists shed light about several practices and issues happening in society within the ongoing political conflict and increased chaos, such as murder and assassinations, disappearance and kidnapping of journalists and creatives, women rights, displacement, and damaged infrastructure.

The exhibition was opened on 1st of April 2017, and received a good feedback and criticism from the public audience, However, it proved that other communities in society still does not accept art presence in the scene and aim to cencor and forbid any gender mixed venues and events, When two weeks after the exhibition, waraq art space was shut down due a direct threat from armed individuals after neighbours reported about the exhibition.

Alla Abudabbus, Ibrahim Elgheriani, Razan Elnaa, Nada Harib, Ziad Elhemdi, Suhaib Tantoush, Faiza Ramada, Tewa Barnosa, Mohammed Ellaf, Abdulla Hadia, Waed Juha

The exhibition is a collaboration with The Libyan organisation for Transitional justice.

Exhibition poster: Alla Abudabbus